The NYT has a new Business Section! Rejoice!

We went out and actually spent one of our hard-earned dollars just to get a gander at the brand-spanking new NYT Business Day section (good thing, too, because nothing looks different online, and there’s nary a link to the “New Look and Lineup” box on page 1. So that’s the benefit of actually reading newspapers!). Brand-new features include Sunday Times-esque top-of-the-page story teasers, a new Monday column by David Carr (no doubt showcasing his big swinging bandwith of discourse), new features with fun new names (business travel: “Itineraries!” real estate: “Square Feet!”), the Circuits section briefly resuscitated on Thursdays; and a column by “prize-winning financial journalist” Joseph Nocera whose name doesn’t send bells ringing in my noggin but who presumably serves up some meaty bandwidth of his own. And yes, there will be blogs (on alternating weeks).

In the debut section, Carr crowns Tina Brown “A-list queen…flailing in a B-list nation” (unwittingly(?) invoking images of Radar), Jacques Steinberg writes the headline of Jeff Zucker’s nightmares (“Must-See to Last-Place TV“)(but we love the idea of a Jason Lee show, that awful flick with Julia Stiles notwithstanding), and a Kit Q.-heavy “Media Talk” section including a bit on Rolling Stone moving away from lad-mag-ism with the appointment of Will Dana as managing editor (though, with that girly pic of Orlando Bloom on the cover, with the tagline “Sex on the Beach with Orlando Bloom, perhaps closer to Details?), plus a juicy tidbit about Clinton cold-shouldering Time Inc. EIC Norman Pearlstine about a Joe Klein article describing Clinton as a “one-man supermarket tabloid.” Clinton’s got a pretty hardworking bandwidth himself, but I bet Joseph Nocera can take him.