The Numbers Say that Quora Is For Everyone

Quora has not been making as big a splash as it once did.  Founded in 2009, the site was once a very buzz-worthy representative of emerging social networks, but its thunder was stolen by Tumblr and now Pinterest.  That said, the question and answer format at Quora has always been attractive to business people, startups and technology experts.  Today, a Quora analyst revealed some statistics that say that Quora is not just for business — people are talking about all sorts of subjects over there.

Yair Livne and Steven E. Johnston from Quora look at all the answers from the last 3 months and grouped these answers based on their topics.  They found that the breakdown was surprisingly pretty even across all the categories, which included business and tech, food and entertainment, politics and social sciences, health and life advice and other.  You can see the chart in the image below.

As you can see, business and tech was the biggest category with 24% of thep ie, but food & entertainment was only a point off.  The team also looked for some interesting facts about specific types of questions.  For instance, people are more likely to give a well-upvoted answer about movies than about startups.  Take a look at the Quora post here.

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