The Number of eBook Singles Published is Growing: ThinReads

thinreadseBook Singles, published works that are shorter than a book but longer than a typical magazine article, are getting more popular among writers, according to The Thin Read a company that sells this kind of short form content.

According to the company’s estimates, 122 eBook singles were released to digital retailers in Q3 2013, up 25 percent as from Q2 2013 when 96 titles were published. The company does not have comparable metrics from last year, since the format is so new. Among these titles, 41 were fiction and 71 were nonfiction. Authors can publish eBook singles in a number of places including Amazon’s Kindle Singles, Barnes & Noble’s Nook Snaps and Apple’s Quick Reads, among others.

Here is more from the Thin Reads site:

“High Heat,” Lee Child’s novella about young Jack Reacher, spent the most weeks (eight) as the third quarter’s #1 Kindle Single.  “High Heat” has ranked as the #1 best-seller since it was released the first week of August.  Two other e-book singles from Lee Child – “Deep Down” and “Second Son” – spent the entire third quarter on the Kindle Single fiction best-seller list making Child the most popular author from July through September. 

(Via The Huffington Post).