The Novel Gets Branded As Such, Again and Again


Ironic Sans picks up on a trend in book jacket design they’d noticed that we’d been seeing a lot of too: printing the words “A Novel” somewhere on the cover. We personally had noticed this a while ago on one or two books, but then it just picked up steam and went with it on nearly every novel in an apparent move to make sure it gets shelved correctly or people who are anti-non-fiction won’t pass it by. Or something. If you’re a fan of comedian David Cross, it might remind you of a piece from his stand-up act wherein he talks about seeing “The Movie” after movie titles (the big punchline of the joke is that he goes to a porn convention and sees that they’re even tacking on “The Movie” to films in that, um, genre). But we need to ask, won’t people who are planning on buying a book actually, you know, open the book to find out what it’s about? Or are there millions of people out there just buying books and never opening them? God help us.