The Note Digs Deep

We share the feeling of many non-“Gang of 500”-ers that the Note can sometimes be a little too, well, meta. Today someone must have fallen asleep on the special “Meta” key on Marc Ambinder’s keyboard.

Here’s the introductory paragraphs of today’s Note:

The third Tuesday of every month, The Note gathers a representative sample of the Gang of 500 into the back room at Capitol Hill’s Bistro Bis to discuss the state of play in American politics.

Last night’s group was more than “representative”–we had 344 of the full Gang on hand, which included 11 Senators; 14 House members; 4 bureau chiefs; 7 people who think John King walks on water; 7 people who think John King should have his mouth washed out with soap; 4 Washington Post reporters; Jim Rutenberg; 12 GOP lobbyists who mean “Paxon” when they say “Bill”; Gwen Ifill; three of the laziest partners from the Glover Park Group; two of the most aggressive partners from Fierce, Isakowitz & Blalock; Mitch Bainwol; Steve McMahon; Tom Synhorst; Gina Glantz; Nina Easton; and Ron Kaufman (who BlackBerried with 41 the ENTIRE time!!).

Over moist rabbit with spaetzle, sauteed trout with capers, and pan-seared red snapper, the group reached its usual easy consensus…

The Note then goes on to list 25 points about the current political scene–ranging from whom NYT’s Glen Justice dreams about (#7) to how dead the federal marriage amendment is (#17) to #21: “It was worth going up to New York for the Westminster Dog Show. Same with The Gates.” In the process they slap a few journalists (the WP Style section) and compliment a few others (AP’s Will Lester, NYTer David Sanger, and Fishbowl classmates Matt Yglesias and Ross Douthat).

Given our extensive insider knowledge, you might wonder whether Fishbowl share the Note’s point of view. What’s the only point we agree with unequivocally? #8: “John Harwood just keeps getting handsomer and handsomer.”