The Nominations Are In

The results are in

Throughout the day today, we’ll be posting the finalists for the hottest media types in Washington. Then, after all the nominees have been announced, at the end of the day, we’ll go through the voting procedures.

Some background for you: We received a total of nearly 200 nominations of some 82 individuals working in media in Washington. Not sure what this says about people working in D.C., but the most popular categories by far were the male and female off-airs.

Overall, ABC News garnered the most nominations for a single news organization with 12 staffers–which either means that they have a really hot bureau or their staff has a lot of free time on their hands. The Washington Post was runner-up with seven nominations. All told, 34 news organizations were nominated, ranging from “AARP: The Magazine” and Congress Daily to C-SPAN to the Washington Examiner and the Voice of America.

The top male votegetter was MSNBC’s David Shuster (left) and the top female votegetter was D.C. Style’s Sarah Schaffer (right):

Our four-person panel of anonymous judges (FYI: The panel did not include Karl Rove) worked through the weekend to tally the votes and gather pictures of each nominee, and based on votes received and overall hotness, we narrowed it to ten finalists per category.

Now it’s your turn to vote and pick the top five hottest in each category, along with the best dressed reporter in Washington. Stay tuned for more the nominees and voting details….