The Nitty Gritty Details of Smartphone Battery Charging, Discharing & Bump Charging

Phandroid has a fascinating article by a guest writer who describes battery charging and discharing behavior of an HTC Incredible (Android OS) based phone.

Your Smartphone’s Battery Gauge is Lying to You (and it’s not such a bad thing)

“Byron G” explains the way modern smartphones battery charging works. He explains that modern phone batteries are charged to 100% and then allowed to drift down to a 90% charge before the charger is brought back to charge the battery back up. This is done to preserve the battery. Keeping the battery continually charged using a trickle charge promote corrosion.

He also describes in detail the practice of “bump charging” that maximizes a battery’s charge by charging it with the phone turned off, charging it to full, disconnecting the charger and then repeating the process (all with the device turned off). The downside to this practice is that it will wear down the battery and reduce its overall capacity over time faster than it would with a conventional recharging cycle (whatever it is you do now).

FYI: He used the free CurrentWidget app to log battery information every 60 seconds.