The News‘ Odd Cover Choice

Here’s a fascinating one. The Daily News‘ cover story, of all things… was a profile of Mayor Bloomberg‘s girlfriend, Diana Taylor. Why this, on a relatively big news day? Why the front page placement? It all comes down to the upcoming election and, for the News, it’s a canny move for later publicity if Bloomberg ever puts himself in the position of kingmaker.

From the article:

“Close friends and family say they care deeply about each other but are both intensely private. Now, after seven years of being half of New York’s ultimate power couple, the elegant life-long Republican has opened the door to the Daily News, revealing what her life with Hizzoner is like. Yes, they have separate checkbooks. She worries over his health and safety – more than he knows. They rarely have time, or dinner, alone.”

All that, of course, will play well with middle America. Watch for the Kevin Spacey cameo.

Neal Ungerleider