The New Yorker‘s Quiet YouTube Migration


Over at Folio, former FBNYer (and current contributing ed) Dylan Stableford notes that the New Yorker has quietly established a YouTube presence:

There are currently 25 videos uploaded to the New Yorker‘s YouTube account—content ranging from New Orleans’ jazz parades to an odd high school graduation—used mainly to accompany blog posts by the magazine’s New Orleans correspondent Dan Baum. Nearly all of the clips are original… and nearly no one is watching. One exception: a video that accompanies Jane Mayer‘s magazine piece about the torture scenes on the Fox hit series 24. The seven-and-a-half-minute video, which includes clips from the show, has generated 4,144 views since it was uploaded seven months ago. (Saturday Night Live‘s Emmy-winning “Dick in a Box” sketch, by completely unfair comparison, has generated 27,178,510 views over roughly the same time period.) The New Yorker‘s YouTube channel, meanwhile, has amassed exactly 19 subscribers since the account was created in February.

The videos can be viewed here. Also interesting: The magazine got into a minor legal scuffle with CBS and USA over a copyright violation in a YouTube video they posted of Roger Federer.

(Image via Folio)