The New Yorker Sees the Future of Magazines and It Looks Digital

newyorkerdigital.pngHere’s one of the things we love about The New Yorker: they are always looking ahead. To wit: their website was early out of the gate with content, they have a whole slew of their writers blogging, they even offer podcasts and video(!) (though we still think they should follow the Economist‘s lead and make available for download someone reading the entire issue), and a few years ago David Remnick to the gigantic step of making the magazine’s entire archive available on CD. The irony, of course, is that it is still one of the few magazines we read in print. This may change.

We are still waiting for further details from the New Yorker on this, but in the meantime PaidContent has picked up and then signed up for…a New Yorker digital edition! That’s right. Turns out if you are a subscriber to The New Yorker you can sign up and receive your copy in your inbox as well as your mailbox. Not only that it will give you full access to the complete New Yorker archives dating back to February 1925! Apparently the launch is still in Beta, but interested parties can go here to check it out and/or sign up for a four week trial. One imagines this is very much the way of print in the future.