The New Yorker Relaunches Eustace Tilley Design Contest


Speaking of The New Yorker, as Stephanie was late yesterday with Bob Staake‘s latest cover offering, the fine folks at the magazine were kind enough to let us know that they’ve relaunched the Eustace Tilley Contest after last year’s successful run. The details are simple: make like a high-profile artist who has landed a coveted New Yorker cover commission and make an image that includes some form of Eustace Tilley, the magazine’s iconic, monocled mascot. For your efforts, you’ll be included in their entries page and you might win a slot in an online slide show, curated by their art editor, the esteemed Francois Mouly. Sure, the prize isn’t a jet ski or a date with Calvin Trillin, but it’s always a fun time and hey, it’s better than some online spec contest, right? Your deadline is January 15th, so get to going.