The New Yorker PR Director Leaves for Facebook

AlexaCOn Friday Capital New York reported that Alexa Cassanos, a communications veteran who has spent nearly seven years at The New Yorker and currently serves as the publication’s senior director of PR, will leave next month for a spot on the Facebook roster.

Cassanos has an extensive history in PR at some of the biggest names in New York City’s print publishing world.

After nearly a decade at Random House, she held top positions at both Conde Nast and Bon Appetit before joining The New Yorker in 2007.

At Conde Nast she worked under longtime media “gatekeeper” Maurie Perl, who also performed PR duties at The New Yorker and sparked headlines in 2013 when she left Conde after the company decided to hire Rubenstein to handle its communications needs.

Editor David Remnick wrote of Cassanos in an internal email:

“In the seven years that she’s been here she’s showed extraordinary wit in the way she has made our work known in the greater world, not only through the more conventional means of media interviews and the like, but through social media.”

No word on what position she will hold at Mark Zuckerberg’s company or who will eventually replace her.