The New York Times Will No Longer be Available on Kobo iOS apps

Kobo is sending out emails today warning subscribers of The New York Times that their subscription will end.

We want to let you know that The New York Times has decided that effective March 01, 2011, The New York Times newspaper will no longer be available via Kobo’s iPad and iPhone applications. As an existing subscriber to The New York Times, you will stop receiving future issues of The New York Times on these platforms.

This is probably not the only periodical to decide that Kobo wasn’t worth supporting. Do you suppose The New York Times didn’t get enough subscribers to make it worth its while?

Do you know of any other periodicals who have pulled its content from an ebookstore? eBookNewser would like to hear about it.

Update: I was less careful than I should have been when I read the email. Please ignore the crossed out sections.

I wonder why they stopped distributing to the apps, but continued to support the eReaders?