The New York Times Wants 30 Newsroom Managers to Take Buyouts

The New York Times’ newsroom, which consists of about 1,150 people and seven Garfield desk calendars, is about to get trimmed. Jill Abramson, the Times’ executive editor, sent out a memo today explaining that the company was looking for 30 non-union newsroom managers to accept buyouts.

“There is no getting around the hard news that the size of the newsroom staff must be reduced,” Abramson said, in the memo. The staffers have until January 24 to decide if they want to take the offered severance package.

If not enough people decide to take the Times’ offer, we all know what happens next. Just in case you don’t know what we mean, here’s Abramson again: “I hope the needed savings can be achieved through voluntary buyouts but if not, I will be forced to go to layoffs among the excluded staff.”

The buyouts are not being offered to editorial department staffers.