The New York Times Magazine: All the Personality That’s Fit to Cover

Is the The New York Times Magazine trying to corner the market on cult of personality pieces? Word has it that this week-end’s cover story features a profile of model turned television “brand”, Tyra Banks, complete with the eye-catching cover shot.

to WWD, the feature, written by editor-at-large Lynn Hirschberg, tracks Banks’s rise from her early modeling days to her current television gigs.

Like her hero, Martha Stewart, Banks wants, most of all, for her name to immediately suggest a distinct point of view…it’s girly TV with a punch.
The fact that this issue is running back-to-back with the much discussed Emily Gould cover, is according to Magazine editor-in-chief Gerald Marzorati (a name that’s beginning to roll off the tongue) merely to do with the fact that they both “happened to be ready.” Not to fear! Marzorati also assures that “more Barack Obama covers and the like will be back in the coming weeks.” Phew. We’d hate for this whole cult-of-personality thing to get out of hand.

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