The New York Times Isn’t Going to Start Publishing Swear Words Anytime Soon

During an appearance at NYU’s Journalism School last night, Jill Abramson, executive editor of The New York Times discussed a variety of topics. When asked about the recent spate of buyouts and then layoffs, Abramson said it was necessary to thin things out.

“We just had a lot of layers,” Abramson explained, according to Capital New York. “The newsroom now, you need to have direct reports of all kinds, and that’s just an extra layer that we can’t afford, and I questioned whether we still needed some of those jobs.”

Abrmason also said that despite fantastic words like “f*ck” now being published in places like The New Yorker, we can all forget about finding them in the Times:

If a swear word is gonna be used and is actually consequential to the actual news in the story, which in some cases it is, we make exception. But it’s part of the tradition of the Times to use, you know, ‘Mr. Sullivan.’ It’s an elegant presentation of the news, and that’s still important to me, to keep it elegant.