The New York Times Has Relaunched its Mobile Web Site

The New York Times has redesigned its mobile Web site, and formatted the design to make it more idea for reading on smartphone Web browsers. This is the first time that the company has redesigned its mobile website, since it launched back in 2006.

The media company has been rolling out the redesign in two phases. At the end of April, The Times‘ mobile site was updated with a new design, faster load time and an improved performance. The second and final version, which rolled out today, includes a new layout  in which the content appears in a stream that feels more like an app.

The mobile site is also now better integrated with other channels. For instance, users can now save articles on the mobile web and then read them online or in the app later on. Readers can also now add comments on the mobile site. There are even new ad units for advertisers. This is also the first time that iPhone users will be prompted to view content on the mobile web site instead of being referred to the app. 

The relaunch is part of The Times’ new move to use responsive design in the creation and delivery of its content across all of its digital properties. In March, the publication launched a prototype version of before undertaking a major online redesign.