The New York Post Didn’t Think Gay Marriage Bill Was Important

Late Friday night New York became the sixth state to legalize same-sex marriage. Across the city, people celebrated the news and even gloated over the fact that we passed this law before California did. It was a truly historic moment for New York. So naturally, we woke up Saturday morning thinking that all the newspapers would be covering this news intensely. And they all were, aside from The New York Post, that is.

The Post decided that the most cover worthy news of the day was a cop saving a woman from committing suicide. That is a great story, but it’s hardly on the scale of same-sex marriage being legalized. FishbowlNY understands that the Post isn’t exactly the place to go searching for news, but neither is the Daily News, and it went big with its cover. So why did the Post decide not to give a lot of ink to the gay marriage story? Think of how great that cover would’ve been!

We want to know what was going on so we reached out to the Post for comment, and we’ll update you when we hear back.

Shockingly, the Post has declined to comment.

(thanks to Gawker for the picture)