The New York Daily News Has No Patience for Slobs

Let it be known that the New York Daily News will not — under any circumstances — tolerate slobs. A reader forwarded us an internal memo from the paper’s Administrative Service Manager, John Petrizzo, that calls out staffers for spilling coffee, and then, just so they know sh*t is real — threatens to take coffee away from everyone.

With all the layoffs and drama at the top of the paper, you’d think wrangling coffee bandits wouldn’t be a top priority for the Daily News, but then again, cleanliness is next to godliness, right?

Below is the full memo. Enjoy.


Last month we issued travel mugs to Daily News and U.S. News employees. Particularly at 4 NY Plaza, the plan was to prevent coffee stains on the carpet, as well as the staircase between the 6th and 7th floors. However, there are still several employees who are using cups with no lids on them and we are still experiencing numerous coffee spills. Please use the travel mug that we gave you, or any other type of cup, that has a lid on it.  The cost of constantly cleaning the rugs and, in many cases, replacing the tiles is becoming excessive.

Additionally, when coffee or any other liquid falls on the staircase, the tiles become slippery and can be very dangerous.If this problem continues, we will have to consider discontinuing our providing coffee and remove the coffee machine, an action that we would obviously prefer not to take.

We moved into a nice, clean space and are doing everything possible to have it remain that way.Thank you in advance for your help and cooperation and please encourage your co-workers to comply with this request.