The New World of Work [Video]

The world is flat again. Are you embracing it?

Dear the creative class: the world is flat again.

“The New World of Work” is a video put together by e3unlimited in an effort to show how changes in technology have shifted the landscape of the working world.

“People are loyal to their skill, not their employer. Work was somewhere you went, now, it’s something you do”

In the pre-modern period, everyone was sure that the world was flat. This was, of course, until the Enlightenment, when Greek philosopher Pythagoras proposed that the world was a sphere, which was supported by Aristotle in 330 BC. Fast forward two-thousand plus years, and entertain this idea: the world is flat again. Now, I’m not arguing that the world is physically flat; I’m speaking metaphorically. I’m asking, how does conceptualizing the world as “flat” or “round” inform the way we relate to other countries and nations?

“Technology has flattened our world”

Think of one person making a sound. In a round world, sound must travel farther to reach the other side of the globe. In a flat world, sound travels faster, as the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. In a flat world, lines of communication streamline across the world in seconds.

We have the capacity to talk to people. To reach people across the globe instantly (“The number of text messages sent everyday exceeds the population of the planet. There were more texts sent last week than in the whole of 2006.”) Social Media sites (Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, etc.) are powerful communication tools. The irony of the present is that we live in an age where social conversation is so easily accessible, so readily available given the innovation of new media (the internet, T.V., Twitter, cell phones,Facebook, wordpress, etc.) yet, despite all the interfaces of digital communication, we’re saying nothing.

So, creative class: we have our work cut out for us: start thinking about how your work is going to affect the world. Start thinking about social change. Start thinking about your sound and its capacity to resonate across the world.

“The world of work is changing. Are you embracing it?”