The New Tech Gathering Place: McDonalds? AC Outlets & Free WiFi

A group of friends and I regularly gather at one of the local Starbucks to enjoy a favorite beverage, a bite to eat and free WiFi. Recently, however, we decided to gather at a nearby McDonalds restaurant. It is a brand new building that replaces what we are told was the first McDonalds in this state. The first thing that struck me as I entered the new McD was its layout. It provided a variety of seat types and table configurations. These configurations fit lone eaters as well as groups of up to ten.

A friend who arrived before me pointed out the most interesting aspect of this new restaurant: There appeared to be an AC electrical outlet near almost every seat. I’ve enhanced the contrast around the one in the first photo here to make it easier to spot. This particular outlet was one of many in a barstool table area.

If you haven’t sat down in a McDonalds restaurant recently, you might want to turn on your WiFi while there. They have offered free WiFi for a while now (it predates Starbucks) and is available at more than 11,500 McDonalds restaurants.

Free Wi-Fi @ McDonald’s

WiFi is provided by AT&T Wireless and has a web-based access process that is the same as Starbucks (which also uses AT&T Wireless for WiFi access).

Our routine of meeting at Starbucks may be broken now and then for a meeting at this new McDonalds instead. The easy availability of both AC outlets and WiFi along with good seating options are a winning combination. And, McDonald’s new Frozen Strawberry Lemonade is a new favorite of mine.