The New Scott: Dan, Tony, or George????

So we’re entering the third day of “Who Gets Scott’s Job?” The odds from the Reliable Source today:

“Since Wednesday afternoon, has taken 186 bets with an average of $70 per bet (maximum is $100): Deputy Press Secretary Dana Perino is tied with presidential counselor Dan Bartlett (6-5), followed by Fox News host Tony Snow (4-1), perpetual presidential adviser David Gergen (8-1) and former Pentagon spokeswoman Torie Clark and former Iraq occupation spokesman Dan Senor (both 12-1). Perino has the lead with almost 60 percent of all bets placed, Bartlett is the runner-up with almost 25 percent, and four delusional guys are hoping to make more than $20,000 with former Clinton buddy George Stephanopoulos (80-1).”

Today’s New York Times story, though, seems to put a bit more emphasis on Snow, although he’s still being coy on his radio show.

The NYT: “Associates of Mr. Snow, 50, said he has been weighing whether he and his family are up for the rigors of such a demanding job. Mr. Snow had surgery for colon cancer last year and is awaiting an clearance from doctors before making a deal, according to people with knowledge of his deliberations who spoke on condition of anonymity because they did not want to upset private discussions at a sensitive time.”

Our own bets for what they’re worth today: Snow, Perino, Senor, Surprise Unknown, Bartlett, and Clarke, in that order. And if you’re putting money on Gergen and Stephanopoulos, you’re probably better off putting money on Ari Fleischer coming back.