The New Republic Discovers That Media Reporters are Self-Important


magazinesThe New Republic has uncovered something: Some media reporters and those in the media are full of themselves. In its exploration of why people care about The Wire’s “media diet” feature (in which journalists list what they read), TNR found that there’s a lot of bragging and/or lying going on:

Divulging your media diet is the more elite equivalent of sharing a Granta link on Twitter to demonstrate your obscure and fashionable tastes. And it’s easy to see why the media loves a media diet: it stokes industry vanity, it smacks of insideriness, it reflects assorted journo-rivalries and feuds…

To read the past few years’ worth of media diets is to witness the inexorable slide into greater and greater delusion in our virtual self-depictions…


Here’s the thing: Media reporters cover media, which is a subject no one cares about. Despite this fact, some media reporters consider it extremely important. So it makes perfect sense that when they speak about themselves and what they read, they spew all kinds of nonsense, as if we can’t figure out it’s impossible to digest 17 magazines, nine websites and three newspapers before 9 am.

Please note that we recognize the irony of a media blog posting about a magazine’s coverage of media reporters and their ridiculous media consumption.