The New Quidnunc

Roxanne Roberts and Amy Argetsinger offered some clues as to their vision for the Reliable Source during their inaugural chat today–although lacking in the zaniness of Quidnunc‘s former chats, they did manage a few zingers. They had to field several questions about Rich “God of Gossip Chat” Leiby‘s departure:

Just Curious: I am behind the times … Lloyd [Grove]’s leaving The Reliable Source was quite monumentous … but Leiby’s was … on the whimper-scale? Whatever happened to Richard Leiby? Also, is his feud with Gene Weingarten for real, or a front to “boost the ratings”, so to speak?

Roxanne Roberts: He’s a discreet one, that Leiby, slipping out with the fabulous Post farewell cake. Actually, Rich is sitting mere feet from us, churning out his first love: long-form investigative articles. Weingarten comes over daily to shoot spitballs, but no bloodshed as of noon today.

And they had a chance to offer some of the Vision Thing:

Potomac, Md.: Any chance that your column will be less mean-spirited than what we’ve seen recently, and more like tone of Chuck Conconi?

Roxanne Roberts: We are fair and wise goddesses of gossip hoping to follow in the grand tradition of all the best who came before us. We’ll dole out tidbits and call them as we see them. If you behave like mature, productive grown-ups, we’ll take note. If you yell at waiters and pull rank, we’ll report it. If you dance naked in public, we’ll mention your tan lines.