The New “In The Loop” And A Fix On “The Fix”

From the Post:

    Several times each week for the last decade and a half, Al Kamen’s “In the Loop” column has set the standard for a Washington column, with his distinctive blend of news from inside the corridors of power, sardonic wit and vast array of informants honeycombed across the government.

    We love his column so much, in fact, that we’re renaming The Federal Page in its honor and taking it daily: Starting in January, it will become the In the Loop page. And he will be joined in the lineup with two other marquee In the Loop columnists: Jeffrey Birnbaum and Lois Romano.

    As a reporter for Financial and the author of several books on Washington, Jeff is a recognized expert on that uniquely Washington occupation – lobbying. His twice monthly column on K Street, which now runs in Washington Business, will move to the In the Loop page and appear every Tuesday. And on Thursdays, Lois Romano will write a new In the Loop Capitol Hill column. Lois, a longtime Post political and national correspondent, has agreed to launch the new venture, giving it the trademark flair she brought to starting up the Post’s “Reliable Source” column in Style from 1992 to 1995.

    Al will continue to write on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. His column started after the 1992 presidential election as a daily “In Transition,” chronicling the new Clinton team as it took power, and morphed not long after into “The New Regime.” Once established as a Washington institution, the column took on the name “In the Loop” later in 1993 – and has been a must-read fixture since.

    Looking ahead to a presidential campaign already in full throttle, we are also adding a new feature to the Sunday paper. Starting in January, we will launch a new politics column called “The Sunday Fix,” after the highly successful column written by Chris Cillizza for It will run on page A2 of the newspaper in place of the current Coast to Coast feature, and will be spearheaded by Chris and Shailagh Murray of the politics staff with contributions from all the members of our politics team.