The New Gerber Baby Is Cuter Than Everybody Else’s Baby Ever

Spend your weekend looking at Grace and melting.

Try to take your eyes off of her for a moment if you will. The text is over here.

This adorable little baby is Grace. She’s a seven-month-old model. And she’s your brand new Gerber baby.

There were 180,000 other babies up for the job. But it was this photo that took the top prize. And that prize includes $50,000, a year’s worth of baby food and the chance to appear in an ad this year.

Gerber’s brand is so closely tied to the cute baby on the jar, it might make this little darling one of the most important spokespeople in all of marketing. People love to look at cute babies. And this one, good grief, those cheeks and those little hands. That sound you hear is a million uteri exploding. Don’t lie. A few guys are out there gushing too.

The announcement earned Gerber a mention in Us Weekly and an appearance on the Today show. Not too shabby at all. And as you can see, Grace is very comfortable on camera. Check out the shy smile at 1:44 when Billy Bush calls her beautiful. Gah!