The New Face of Facebook

For the past couple of days, Facebook has been selectively inviting members to try out its new redesigned interface. But now Facebook has made the beta site public by putting a link that can be found at the top most part of you screen when you are login to your Facebook account. This is a major redesign for Facebook and its got tons of new features.

First up in the big changes of the new Facebook interface is the two-column design. Your homepage now becomes more spacious and uncluttered with the main column getting a bigger area of the screen while the right sidebar got a little bigger since it ate up the space of the left sidebar. In addition a new option line was added at the top most part of the main column. This option line includes link to updating your status, adding photos, sharing links and adding notes.

Things get more exciting ones you go to your profile page. The Wall now brings out the most recent and relevant information about you. You can use the Wall as a way to give your friends the full story of what’s happening with you. With the new Facebook interface, you can quickly publish content such as photos, notes, status directly to your wall, just by clicking on the Publisher tab.

Even more useful is the fact that you can now adjust the size of the content that you published on your wall to give emphasis to the most important ones and less to the not so important updates.

The new Facebook design makes full use of the TAB feature. At the top most part of your Profile page are four TABS – The Wall tab for accessing and updating your info and whereabout, the Info tab for information about that don’t change frequently, the Photos tab for accessing your Photos and Photo albums, and the Boxes tab for accessing your Facebook applications.

For those who are so used to using the current design of Facebook, you might want to check out the new design to get yourself accustomed to it. Check out the new Facebook design here.