The New Face of Creative Review


Sadly, now that Roger Beckett has stepped down from his control of Design Week and Creative Review, he won’t get a chance to experience, first hand, the latter’s complete overhaul (or at least not in seeing it reach the newsstands while at its helm). On the Creative Review’s blog, they go over the whole redesign from top to bottom, giving a large batch of credit to the magazine’s new art director, Paul Pensom. Overall, we really dig it. Though we must say that it looks like they did simultaneous formatting for both the print edition and their site, because the magazine now looks very web-y. Here’s a bit:

We hope that these changes will make the magazine easier to find your way around — all are clearly labelled in our new typeface, Farnham. Creative Review has always taken the view that the work featured in our pages is the star, not the editorial design of the pages themselves. But that doesn’t mean we cannot make those pages powerful and elegant. We wanted to bring a little more typographical interest in to the magazine without moving away from our core values, so we wanted a typeface with a very big family. Christian Schwartz’s slabserif Farnham (from Font Bureau) fitted the bill admirably. Based on the work of 18th century German punchcutter, Johannes Fleischman, its family has 25 variants giving us the opportunity to be playful while retaining cohesion in the design.