The New Face Of Chanel: Cat Power

Image courtesy of Elizabeth Weinberg

News from Paris concerning our friend and part-time New York resident by way of Georgia ChanCat PowerMarshall: She’s been tapped to be the new face of Chanel’s jewelry. Karl Lagerfeld explains:

“I saw her in New York in front of the Mercer Hotel and she was smoking and I said, ‘Only a woman — she — can look glamorous while smoking.'”

Makes sense, considering she burned through a full pack, minimum, during her set at Irving Plaza a few weeks ago — one that ended with Marshall on all fours singing a sultry, impromptu karaoke version of Gnarls Barkley‘s “Crazy” because she had run past curfew and the club had cut the band off and flipped on the house music.

After that display, it was us who needed a cigarette.

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