The New Evangelicals: Armstrong, Burnett, Clinton, Eisner, Guber


We’re over at the cold, cavernous Javits Center today for the
$861.58-$1,403.45 per head Power Within, listening to wall-to-wall
motivational talks from Lance Armstrong, Bill Clinton, Mark Burnett,
Michael Eisner and Peter Guber. Lots of “overcome your fears” talk from guys who, at least superficially, haven’t had to fear much in awhile, save for a yearly trip around the Pyrenees and the occasional “journalist attack” from Fox News.

Eisner spoke of EuroDisney. Guber spoke of Gorillas in the Mist. Armstrong and Clinton are up next.

More on this bizarre event shortly.


  • Clinton, Armstrong, Eisner, Burnett To Give ‘Power’ Talk At Javits Center