The New Courses Applications

A few weeks ago I wrote about the removal of the Courses application. Facebook suggested that developers copy their functionality in order to rapidly gain a larger user base. A few enterprising individuals decided to pursue that offer and so far only one of them has succeeded. Jake Jarvis’ application, “Courses” has filled that void and now has over 37,000 users.

I don’t think Jake’s application is the best though. I think he leveraged his other applications to guide users to this one. The other Courses application that was developed by Colin Schmidt and Jonathan Chapman is much more useful. There are individual course pages that provide a discussion board, course roster, course notes and more. For me I’ve always thought that the course notes application would be a huge success. There are a number of other applications that have failed to reach critical mass and I have a feeling that they will stay that way. So if you want to use a courses application and are in the United States, I highly recommend grabbing the best Courses application.