The Nest To Sync Twitter Status Across Platforms

I am not aware of a Twitter app for either mobile devices or personal computers that keeps track of the tweets that you have read to filter them out so that you don’t keep seeing them. It’s the type of behavior you see with Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feed readers or newsgroup apps, but not with Twitter apps. MetroTwit, which is a Windows Twitter app, and Rowi, which is a Windows Phone 7 Twitter app are teaming up to develop what they are calling the The Nest, which will be a cloud-based backend for their two applications.

Metrotwit says they are designing the backend with Rowi to support the syncing of configuration and state data across the two apps. In the first version they are focusing on syncing column configurations and unread tweet state. MetroTwit, which models its UI off the Windows Phone Metro interface, has multiple columns, much like Tweetdeck, if you are familiar with that. Rowi works within the Windows Phone Metro UI to provide something similar to columns by swiping backing and forth throw screens.

The syncing of unread tweet state should mean that if you read a tweet in Rowi on your phone, you won’t see it to read it in Metrotwit on your PC, or vice versa. If successfully implemented, this synchronization could change how people use Twitter. Right now, because there are so many tweets, I just scan through the last couple of hours or so on my phone, mainly because chances are I have seen anything older on my PC.

No time frame for when the companies expect to deliver The Nest, but I think this is an interesting idea worth watching. You can keep up on the developments by checking the Metrotwit blog and follow @nestapps on Twitter.