The Native Angeleno, LA’s New Website

Another blog about Los Angeles launched this past month, this one from native sons Hillel Aron and Richard Rushfield. They’re a pair left jaded by journalism careers, which have included a good deal of reporting on both Hollywood and the city that surrounds it. “We know the rules,” they write. “A website about Los Angeles is supposed to be about the search for the cutest artisanal tamale stand made of sustainable vegan bamboo. Or it can be a website devoted to kissing up to talent agents, deputy editors, chefs, curators, hoteliers and dead buildings.”

But they promise something different: “We come to point fingers and poke eyes, to name names and call names and dig up dirt.”

So far, Native Angeleno has been covering things like politics, culture, history, the media… and the media that reports on the media.  The site has already given Kevin Roderick grief for being a typo nazi, Patrick Goldstein for being insignificant, and FishbowlLA’s turn is no doubt coming any day now.

At least the snark is in the hands of experts. Richard Rushfield is the former west coast editor of Gawker, the house that bitchy built.