The Nation’s Bureau Chief Condescends To ABC’s Jake Tapper

Is a story by ABC News’s Jake Tapper on taxpayer funding of House and Senate lawmakers getting a gym perk really beneath him?

So says The Nation‘s Washington Bureau Chief and resident Boybander Chris Hayes (D-Obnoxious), who occasionally fills in for MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow. Hayes, known for his steady stream of online condescension and pretentious verbiage, gave Tapper a veiled compliment (read: insult) last night for promoting a story on the House gym as it relates to the troubled sex-torn Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.).

Tapper plugged the story, writing, “For all the talk of cutting spending, House Members + Senators like their taxpayer-subsidized gym perk!”

Ridiculous, right? The nerve of ABC News airing a story on a taxpayer -funded congressional perk at a time when POTUS has proposed cutting heating assistance for the poor and money for community block grants, and House Republicans are looking at significant changes to Medicare.  And of course, who doesn’t know that most nice gyms in Washington cost $200 a month?

Hayes wrote to Tapper: “You’re better than this.” A few moments later, he thought “better” of it and added, “I should say: I think you’re an excellent reporter and I think this is not a story deserving of network news treatment.”

Tapper did not publicly respond to Hayes, nor did he have any additional comment for FBDC.

UPDATE: Hayes apologized two hours ago. He wrote on Twitter, “You know what? That tweet *was* condescending and I regret it. My bad.”