The Nation Relaunches Site

A nice way to celebrate 150 years.

Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 8.43.12 AMThe Nation, first published July 6 1865, is celebrating its birthday with a new website. Along with the great new look, the site is completely free for the next few months. A metered paywall will eventually be introduced.

A brief look at the revamped

  • Curated pages that bunch related articles together
  • A tab for subscriptions, donations and petitions
  • Everything designed with sharing in mind

“The digital revolution has empowered our single greatest asset — The Nation ambassador,” explained The Nation’s executive editor, Richard Kim. “Someone who subscribes, donates, follows us on social, signs our petitions. We’ve designed the home page and channel fronts with this reader in mind, to give a sense of The Nation as a digital magazine in real time, on a platform that enhances our ability to grow this vibrant, spirited community.”