The Nation Gets A New Look

Beginning this Friday, The Nation magazine will look slightly different. The redesign is aimed at making the magazine more spirited, accessible, and readable to both new and longtime readers,” according to an announcement. Highlights include:

    * A new and bolder “Nation” logo, harkening back to mid-20th Century incarnations of The Nation.
    * A livelier, more compelling design inside the magazine, with a distinctive new typeface, bolder pullquotes, expanded use of photos, and more illustrations.
    * Two new editorial features: “Noted.” will feature brief comments, late-breaking news, revealing statistics, anecdotes, curiousities, shout-outs, disses, obits, quotable quotes and other short notes. This nods to our history: The very first issue of The Nation, published July 5, 1865, carried short items in a section called “The Week.” Additionally, “ComixNation” is a new feature incorporating weekly strips and images from a talented repertory of editorial cartoonists and illustrators.

Nation Editor & Publisher Katrina vanden Heuvel made sure to point out that one thing you won’t see is glossy paper. “We revel in the more immediate, gritty and rebellious feel of newsprint. Its in line with our message and its true to our history.”

(and cheaper, too)