The Name’s Artois, Stella Artois: Robert McGinnis Illustrates Bond-Inspired Beer Ads

Stella seaplane.jpg

It was the Jean de Florette theme played on a warbling harmonica that sold us on Stella Artois, and the Belgian brewery continues to quench our thirst for memorable marketing. To spread the word about Stella Artois 4%, a new triple-filtered (read: lower alcohol) brew, London ad firm Mother looked to the French Riviera of the 1960s as it was immortalized au cinéma. Translation? Bond. James Bond. A website features a trio of film parodies, complete with faux movie posters, but the real stars of the campaign are the illustrations of Robert McGinnis, who created the original artwork for Bond films including Live And Let Die and The Man With The Golden Gun and came out of retirement to sketch for Stella. Creative Review‘s blog has McGinnis’s preliminary drawings as well as the full line-up of finished posters, which feature a Bond-like character and his slinky female companion enjoying the good life in what appears to be St. Tropez. However, one commenter pointed out that the smooth, piano-playing character in one of the posters bears a striking resemblance to Adam Sandler.