The ‘Must Have’ Garage This Season


If you’re anything like us, you spent yet another tiring weekend moving your money around in gigantic wheelbarrows, trying to bury all of it in your backyard, thinking all the while, “Geez, I sure wish I could spend all of this extra cash on something.” Enter Citroen and commissioned architects, Tapio Spellman and Christian Grou, who have just unveiled their fancy new creation: the world’s first designer garage. The thing has everything and is gorgeous, if not really odd looking, to boot. Here’s some:

Why so pricey? Blame it on the pioneering use of light-transmitting concrete and the transparent, wrap-around sliding ‘doors’ laced with liquid crystal display (LCD) technology. This allows the owner to choose between ‘pride or hide’ modes: at the flick of a switch the walls morph from transparent to opaque either displaying or concealing the car.