The Multi-Sided Object Coveted By So Many Art Directors


The big time Art Directors Club, which awards people with cubes for all their hard work, isn’t having their big to-do until June, but they have just announced this year’s winners (ready your shelve spaces for some red hot cubes!). It’s a huge-huge list, all here on this PDF, with all the different levels of merit (some of whom, we’re guessing, don’t get cubes, but just one-dimensional squares). It’s an interesting read, to see if some of your favorite campaigns got picked, but it’s also a great way of seeing who is doing what, with which client, and who is hot and who is not (the ones who aren’t probably aren’t on the list). Here’s a run down of the big winners from IF!:

The Gold Cubes in Advertising were awarded to:

–DDB Chicago for Bud Light radio spots in the much-awarded “Real Men of Genius” campaign

–Ground Zero, Los Angeles, for a Virgin Digital outdoor poster

–DeVito/Verdi, New York, for a three-spot radio campaign for the National Thoroughbred Racing Association

–TBWA\Chiat\Day, San Francisco, for an Adidas commercial titled “Hello Tomorrow”

–MJZ, London, for a Sony TV spot titled “Balls” from Fallon, London

Silver Cubes in Advertising were presented to:

–MJZ for the Sony “Balls” TV spot

–DDB Chicago for Bud Light “Real Men of Genius” radio ads

–DeVito/Verdi for the National Thoroughbred Racing Association radio

–George Patterson Y&R for the Carlton Draft “Big Ad” TV spot

–AMV BBDO for the Guinness “noitulovE” TV spot