The Mother of All Drop Shadows Awaits You!


A big announcement this week that has some buzz building behind it is the announcement that Adobe VP, John Loiacono, is going to be showing off the the new things the company is developing for future releases of Photoshop. It’ll be going down on Sept. 7th, as part of the Photoshop World Conference in Las Vegas (the perfect place to be inspired and later ask how to get a particular kind of awesome lens flare!). There have been hints, even since around this time last year, about what will be included in the new release. CS2, we felt, was one of the best updates they’ve ever had, so we’ll have to just wait and see if they repeat themselves again like that, or we get something that’s basically the same, but with a new splash image and another filter we’ll never use. Whatever the case, we’ll pass along the info as soon as we gots it.