The Most Trusted Name in Mobile Payments is… PayPal?

What do you think is the most trusted brand for mobile payments? Would you have guessed PayPal?

PayPal is top brand for mobile payments: survey (Reuters)

In market research firm GfK’s survey, PayPal beat Visa, MasterCard and Apple. I found this puzzling since I do not use PayPal much. In fact, I have not been able to use it at all since my PayPal Security Key stopped working sometime in the past year or so.

Reuters mentions that NFC (Near Field Communications) may begin to shift mobile payments in the next few years. However, in the U.S., the once promising NFC groups that formed last year appear to be faltering. Reuters also notes that: In regions like western Europe and the United States, mobile payments are a harder sell because financial systems are well established and shopping in stores is already fairly convenient. This last factor may not be a blocking factor in the U.S., however. Starbucks Mobile payment app for the iPhone, for example is an extremely useful payment tool. It speeds up the transaction process and provides a new balance instantly. This is a huge incentive to use something other than a credit card or cash.