The Most Stressful Jobs Of 2012 Include PR Exec, Photojournalist

Being a PR exec is the seventh most stressful job, according to Careercast’s annual study. It was downgraded from #2 last year to make room for firefighters, soldiers, airline pilots, cops, and event coordinators.

Photojournalists have the ninth most stressful job, Careercast says.

If you want to erase stress from your life, you may have to leave media. According to Careercast, some of the least stressful jobs include: medical records technician, jeweler, and dressmaker.

A commenter on PRDaily, which picked up this article, thought that maybe the stress wasn’t all that bad:

Perhaps stating the obvious, but a person who’s passionate and loves working in PR probably wouldn’t call it stress…just day-to-day life. So let’s get rid of the ones who’re tired of working in PR and always feel stressed and make room for the new generation. Yep, that’s me!

He got roundly shot down by PR vets:

Victor, that’s adorable. Let’s check back in in ten years and see how your passion is doing. Until then, run along.

How cute.