The Most Social News Anchor Ever?

This Monday, Lost Remote profiles Amy Wood, anchor at WSPA-TV, the CBS affiliate in Spartanburg, SC. According to Lost Remote, Wood just might be the most social anchor there is.

She Tweets and Facebooks and chats with her audience while live on the air and answers behind-the-scenes questions during commercial breaks and packages.

“Viewers LOVE it. Viewers ask me questions, about the business, what’s happening, chat among themselves,” she told Lost Remote. The best comments get integrated into the newscast quickly

“I’ve been in the market 20 years, and once I touched my toes in the social media waters, I jumped right in and keep jumping,” she told Lost Remote. “It keeps what I do fresh and gives me new challenges to conquer. The bonus of building a fabulous fan base in the process and a better understanding of my audience, is the icing on the cake.”

What she’s doing isn’t easy: anchoring solo, running her own teleprompter, and keeping an eye on online chatter, but it must be working: Wood has 17,763 followers on Twitter and more than 13,000 “likes” on Facebook.