The Most Ridiculous Job Titles

Are these job titles the most ridiculous you’ve heard?

Our favorites: Web Alchemist, Ant Colony Foreman(????), Social Media Swami, Public Happy Maker.

Now we recall that Fast Company says that people with weird titles have a “sense of ownership of, engagement with, and excitement about their jobs.”

But what on earth does an ant colony foreman do?

Sam Fiorella, who wrote the article that appeared on PR Daily, says that titles “provide a descriptor of the individual’s job function. They are as important to the employee as they are to the customer. For the employee, they establish ownership over their job responsibilities and maintain structure within the organization. For customers, they establish the expectation of the interaction they may have with this corporate representative.” But even he notes that perhaps the proliferation of “weird” titles is just a reflection of how “social media has simply changed how people operate within today’s business.”

He also admits that his job title is Chief Strategy Sensei. So….yeah.