The Most Exciting Use of Mobile for Advertising We’ve Ever Seen

Ads are pretty easy to hate, but some go escalate to virality because they explore a sense of human ingenuity that’s just impossible to ignore. Like these motion ads from Adtile.
Adtile Motion Ads are uniquely designed to take advantage of the smartphone’s GPS, gyroscope, motion coprocessor, accelerometer and digital compass for the motions and gestures. We are also extremely proud to announce our technical partnership with Yelp to support location-based functionalities through their powerful API. This means that our ads will feel like tiny applications with much more utility and functionality embedded into them.

It’s exciting to play with explore promotions and commercial ads while the technology is new. Eventually it will lose its new factor, and we will be just as bored with dynamic, mobile ads, but for now, we agree with Adtile’s assessment: Let’s be straight — advertising is not that exciting, for better or for worse, it’s still images and app installs. This is really something that I think will make people play.