The Most Brilliant/Evil LinkedIn Message Ever

Okay boys and girls, it’s time for a personal story.

This landed in our inbox today:

Hey, it’s been years since I spoke to…..hey wait a minute, who is that?

A search of all my email accounts associated with my LinkedIn account turned up nobody by this name. The picture doesn’t look familiar, I don’t think I recognize any of the company names, and I didn’t go to school with her.

Conclusion: This message is just generic enough to trick people into clicking “accept.” That’s why we call it brilliant and evil.

It could theoretically be a mistake, getting us confused with a different Rachel Kaufman. But the message feels calculatingly generic to us. What do you think?

It might not be that brilliant after all, though, because ironically, if the person had sent a personalized message explaining why she wanted to connect, we would likely have said yes.

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