The Mobile TV Shakeout Continues

BusinessWeek weighs in with an up-to-date analysis of the mobile TV wars, post-Modeo-collapse.

The way this is all playing out is a little different from what some analysts predicted. Right now we’re down to two major players – MobiTV, which serves up streamed channels over carrier’s data networks, and MediaFLO, which allows for higher-quality, broadcast mobile television but requires everyone to get new cellphones with built-in TV tuners.

Currently, Sprint is heavily in the MobiTV camp, while Verizon signed with MediaFLO for the latest iteration of its V CAST service.

“One key question is how much consumers will be willing to spend on mobile TV,” freelance writer Olga Kharif said in the article. “While some users may spend $4 or $5 a month to download video clips to their cell phones, the more robust mobile TV services with live channels are typically priced at $10 to $20 a month. Kanishka Agarwal, an analyst at Telephia, estimates that mobile TV revenues totaled $146 million in the first quarter, approaching the $168 million generated by mobile video games. ‘The mobile video business is catching up to businesses that have been around a while,’ he says.”

The Mobile TV Wars [BusinessWeek]

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