The Mixtape Returns! (And You Can Make Money)

Part of the fun of courting potential girlfriends was the mixtape. Maybe because I was a lot better at putting Firehouse back-to-back with Toad the Wet Sprocket then I was at romantic candlelight dinners, I’ve always thought music, right behind food, was the way to a woman’s heart.

Well I’m married now and the lure of mixtapes has faded. But a whole new generation can romance via music thanks to Mixaloo. Heck, they can even fill their wallets while tugging at some heart-strings.mixaloo_logoThe New York-based company gives you the ability to create a Flash widget that acts as a digital mixtape, playing samples of the songs that you’ve chosen. Then, if you prove that you are a DJ that knows his way around the 1s and 2s, people have the option to buy the full-length songs. So not only do you get to flex your musical muscle, you can make money along the way.

Songs are sold for approximately a dollar each and Mixaloo gives you 50% of the take. The Mixaloo library currently consists of more than three million tracks, including live music and some rare b-sides.

There are, however, a few hurdles Mixaloo must overcome. Mainly, the fact that music is Windows Play for Sure DRM. This will continue unless major music labels jump on board. Something that’s a long shot unless the site really catches on.

By leveraging the power of viral recommendations with a money-making twist, Mixaloo could definitely catch up with, and maybe even get the attention of iTunes.

As for me, I’m going to put together the ultimate ’90s alternative rock mix and kick it off with Stars by Hum.