The Miss Jobless Chronicles: The End … Or Is It?

Editor’s note: and now, a very special installment of MJC, from, as always, Caitlin O’Toole..

Ev’ry time we say goodbye … I cry … a little…

After ten fun months of writing The Miss Jobless Chronicles, I am moving onto other pastures. I have landed a full-time freelance job with a major entertainment web site. I’ll be telecommuting. I already started and I love it.

The past months of unemployment have been a wild ride. From crazy bodega owners to my run-in with Nicole Kidman to hanging with my loving 82-year-old neighbor June, unemployment has been an exercise in making the dull less dull. I never encountered the kinds of characters I encountered when I was scrounging around for work. I think there’s a lesson in that. I’ll let you know when I figure out what it is.

So I am closing up shop. For now. But in this economy, you never know when I might be back. Good luck to everyone in your search for jobs and answers and whathaveyou… and thank you for reading! Happy Thanksgiving!

Love, Miss Jobless

caitlinotoole.pngAnd, well, that’s all folks, for now. If you miss Caitlin as much as we already do, find her on Twitter at @MsOToole, or just keep an eye out for her name in high places. And we’ll try to get her back to write about the world of employment every so often, so stay tuned, fellers and ladies.