The Miracle of Canada

Incredibly, every single passenger – 297 passengers and 12 crew members – survived today’s plane crash at Pearson International Airport in Toronto. Amazing. Apparently those taken to hospital suffered only minor injuries to boot (per MSNBC). I know this isn’t New York media news, strictly speaking, but it’s pretty big news and good news, for a change, when it could have been so horribly horribly bad. Thank goodness it’s not. Now you can all go back to making fun of the way we say “pasta,” which for the record will always sound right to me.

FYI to TVNewser – a friend called to find out if I was okay (I’m headed to Toronto on Thursday) and I rushed to put on CNN but though they had a headline on their website they did not interrupt “Inside Politics” to bring news of the crash for at least ten minutes. (I know this because I couldn’t find my remote control so I had ten minutes of frantically looking for it). When I found it I switched to MSNBC, which had the coverage and has stayed with it right through (Dan Abrams is now reporting). This was at 4:40 pm. I don’t know when CNN eventually switched to the coverage; I didn’t go back.

Little prayer of thanks that everyone is okay. Hooray!

Update: TV Newser has coverage notes.